Big News!

WE ARE FULL OF celebration and thanksgiving. We see God’s goodness in our leaders’ and children’s lives!

For years we have been praying for a good, Christian husband for Apri. During Bible school Apri met Adit, a wonderful Christian man. We are very excited to announce their marriage. God brought the two of them together and they are such a great blessing to those around them!

We also celebrate because seventeen of our children are graduating from High School this year. Most children in West Kalimantan start working when they are only fifteen or sixteen and never finish school. We are very proud of them. Four of these graduates have decided to stay on at New Hope Ministries. We know God will do great things through each and every one of them.

And lastly, we celebrate because we baptised twenty teenagers during this past Easter’s celebrations! These young people love Jesus and want to live for Him alone. It is a great privilege and blessing to be a part of their journeys with Him.

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