Bible teaching transforms lives

MYO’S FATHER WAS a very devout Buddhist monk who recently accepted the Lord into his life when my church conducted an outreach in his village. His father then suggested that he too become a Christian and attend the Bible School. He did as his father recommended, but he didn’t really made a decision for Christ.

It was only when I taught on the subject of God’s salvation plan that can be found throughout Scripture, that Myo realised Christ really is the Son of God. He invited Jesus into his heart then and there. Myo has embraced his studies with much greater passion and commitment, and when he graduates he wants to help others discover Jesus and be set free from their spiritual blindness.

Our team also held a Bible seminar in Myanmar’s delta region recently. On the last night, one person shared how he had been miserable and addicted to alcohol, but then accepted Jesus. He planned to go with one of our workers to share the Gospel where there is no Gospel.

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