Beginning to Look Like a Kingdom

Jesus taught us to pray, “Let your kingdom come…” 

I am blessed to see God’s people working together in unity. Recently, I went to North East Arnhem Land to help new Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) staff prepare to serve among Aboriginal Australians. Ten years ago, MAF could find very few Bible believers ministering in the region to support. However, a number of us have been challenged to pray for labourers. This testimony is of God’s answer to this prayer. 

On the night I arrived, I met with our Aboriginal partners, Yolgnu for Jesus, where I discovered that The Billy Graham Association team had come the 1,000 km of mostly shocking gravel road from Darwin to help prepare these indigenous Christians to work with the upcoming Franklin Graham Crusade. They were asking founding pastor Bunumbirr to take the team a further 1,000 km through indigenous churches in restricted access areas. 

Over the next fortnight I worked with: Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries, The Uniting Church, Generation Fire, both Christian and tribal elders on Elcho Island, the local senior indigenous Wycliffe Bible Translator, missionaries from Pioneers, and an Every Home for Christ associate from Papua New Guinea. It is early days but the church is beginning to look like a kingdom with one King – Jesus.

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