Battered but victorious

Koti TEAMS have been working among the Mwani people, about 1000 km north of us. Recently, they came home to Angoche to meet us and it was so moving to hear them tell of their suffering and their victories. They brought two new Mwani leaders with them. We were so excited to meet these outstanding men, who saved their families from darkness through power encounters. These men are on fire for Jesus and were delighted to join the worship and fellowship of the Koti churches. They returned to Mwani-land with two new Koti couples, who recently completed orientation. Since returning to Mwani-land, they have reported five more adults baptised, many healings, and more open hearts.

Our teams have been encountering more witchcraft and greater resistance than we’ve previously seen among the Koti. Lions and phantoms, called up by witchcraft, have been driven out of houses in Jesus’ name. Sick children have been healed in Jesus’ name. Hearts are being opened in Jesus’ name.

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