Baby Goodies

We are blessed to serve in the local prisons, particularly the women’s ward. As we served these women, it came to our attention that many babies are being born in prison. These beautiful little babies are allowed to stay with their mothers until they are two years of age! Because the mothers cannot care for their own, these little babies were in need of the basic necessities. The hearts of the local church members were open to this need and gave so freely that we had an overabundance of ‘baby goodies’! Now we are able to give ‘baby goodies’ to the neighbouring prison ward. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Because such great awareness was made on behalf of the women in prison, different people, with different skills, have come to serve the women. We are now in the process of starting art classes in the prison. It is so rewarding to see the local church bring hope and joy to these women.

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