Awakened for asia – Exposure trips 2014

God is reaping a ripe harvest-field in Asia right now and we have been invited to play a part!

While it is encouraging to read testimonies of where the Gospel is making inroads, watch inspirational movies and hear second-hand reports, there is nothing like experiencing the hand of God at work among a people group, first-hand. It can truly change your life.

World Outreach International have many such strategic ministry projects, particularly in south-east asia, and we would like to give you the opportunity to come on one of our four exposure trips running in 2014.

With a special focus on supporting indigenous church planting ministry, we will visit our mission partners involved in facilitating this through children’s work, evangelism, business as mission and language schools. You can choose your location and project based on any particular missions interest you may have.

While the purpose of the Awakened for Asia trips is to serve, refresh and encourage our mission partners through the various ministry activities that will be planned, we also pray God will touch the heart of each participant to know how they can make a difference in what God is doing in Asia. These trips are open to all but are especially suited to working adults, professionals, business people and semi-retired/retired people based in ASEAN countries, looking for an opportunity to develop an ongoing partnership/relationship with local missions projects in neighbouring countries. This could involve a commitment to pray for, encourage, visit or financially support and bless them.

Here is what one Singaporean business man had to say after going on an exposure trip:

The WOI missionaries whom I know personally have given up their youth, their parents, their countries, their relatives, their jobs, and many live away from their grown-up children … just so that they can help take the Gospel to more unreached people. They do it all for the Lord! I personally have joined in one of their mission outreaches … to Lesotho. It was really something. The dedication, the love with which they were helping the “abandoned” people in this mountainous nation, left me floored. I was blessed just being among them. Friends, most of us are blessed in a different way. I believe HIS blessings come our way so that we too may bless the lost, and help others take the Good News to the many who are still unreached. I encourage you to link arms with WOI and be part of God’s plan to reach unreached people in remote places with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

Exposure trips running in 2014:


  • DATES: 9th May – 13th May 2014
  • FOCUS: Children’s Ministry, Village Church planting
  • COST: Approx USD$250 per person less return air tickets to Kuching Airport, Malaysia
  • PROJECT BASE: Mount Hope Education Centre


  • DATES: May, 2014 TBC
  • FOCUS: Evangelism & Church planting
  • COST: Approx USD$300 per person less return air tickets to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  • DATES: 23rd October – 27th October 2014
  • FOCUS: Business As Mission, Language school, Church planting
  • COST: Approx USD$300 per person less return air tickets to Don Muang Airport, Thailand
  • PROJECT BASE: Global Connections Centre


  • DATES: 31st October – 3rd November 2014
  • FOCUS: Evangelism & Church planting
  • COST: Approx USD$300 per person less return air tickets to Yangon Airport, Myanmar

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Awakened for Asia 2014 trip coordinator, WOI Executive Manager Chia SheeWai.

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