Nongkran has led all these people to Christ

The authority within

NONGKRAN’S NEW LIFE in Christ began when her friend told her about Jesus. She believed immediately and was excited to read in God’s Word about the authority that is within each believer.

Three months later, Nongkran was bitten by a poisonous snake. Once bitten, she killed the snake, laid hands on herself and prayed in Jesus’s name. She brought the snake to her father-in-law, who immediately rushed her to hospital. When her blood test results came back, the doctor said he could not detect any poison at all in her bloodstream.

Nongkran started telling her miracle story and the Gospel spread rapidly. Now there 50 new believers meeting regularly at 11 different locations. Nongkran is full of joy, there is a smile on her face and she is always testifying about Jesus. Now she wants to bring the Gospel to her friends in another village called Saliam. Please pray for her, that she will make many disciples of Jesus there.

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