Simon Mondel.

Arrested and imprisoned

SIMON MONDEL graduated from Christian Discipleship Centre in 1984. He began to minister in the neighbouring poor rural villages. One day the police arrested him on the rumour that he was a gang leader. They accused him of committing atrocities in the villages. They interrogated him daily on a range of issues. They found no evidence against him but they detained him anyway. Some missionaries heard of his circumstances and visited him regularly with food and encouragement. During the eleventh night of his imprisonment, he was praying in his cell when he saw a flash of light and the sign of a cross. Simon did not know what it meant. The next morning, during the officer in charge’s regular Muslim prayer time, he heard a voice say, “You are making a big mistake detaining Simon Mondel.” He believed he had heard the voice of God. That same day Simon was released without charge.

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