Mother and child happy and healthy after care at the centre.

The answer to a desperate cry

NIROJA, A HINDU WOMAN, from a small district town in Assam, had been unable to conceive a child for more than 10 years. Despite consulting numerous doctors, she endured much ridicule: she was regarded as a disappointment to her husband, who desired a child, a disillusionment to her in-laws, and a laughing stock in the community. She spent her nights crying.

One day in January 2011, Niroja heard about Jesus as One who can hear her cries and give her joy. She thought to herself, “What do I have to lose? I will follow him.”

At home one night, she prayed and said “Dear Lord Jesus, if you are who they say you are, please help me and remove my shame. Let me become a joy to my husband and allow me to have the happiness of being a mother.”

I met her recently and was greeted with a big smile. She burst out, “He heard my cry and stopped my tears. The doctors have confirmed, I am pregnant and will have a child this year. I am going to celebrate and tell everyone what He has done for me and what He can do!”

Niroja’s first act was to lead her husband to Jesus Christ. Next, she organised a big celebration as a witness to all her family and friends.
May we never doubt Him! Please pray for Niroja, her unborn child and family.

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