Another Year of Blessing and Fruitfulness

Praise the Lord for all that has been accomplished thus far in 2015. The conference conducted with 391 children’s workers from 38 denominations throughout the nation has helped train and equip an army of workers who in turn will each influence hundreds of young lives for Jesus Christ. It’s harvest time among children in Bangladesh today!

In the 28 Rescue Children Camps held this year, some 3,460 kids attended; a further 383 adolescents attended four other camps, hallelujah! These children were all impacted for Christ and returned to their respective families and communities on fire for Jesus.

The humanitarian arm of our ministry continues to expand with 651 sick mothers and children benefitting from free medical treatment and medicines. Our feeding programme for hungry and malnourished poor children continues to expand.
The prayer and financial partnership of WOI friends encourages and inspires us to want to achieve even more for the kingdom of God here. Thank you.


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