And Then They Could See

Paul and I (Sue) were recently blessed to host a team of four people, coming from both the USA and Mozambique. The team came to fit the local people with eyeglasses and to bless each of them with a Gideons New Testament. Paul took the team to various church sites and helped them distribute the eyeglasses and Testaments. It was beautiful to see the facial expressions of the people who received eyeglasses for the first time. Their expressions said it all as they lit up with joy. With big smiles they said over and over again, “Kinona! I see!” They can now see to read, carry out daily chores and see at a distance.

We also tried to dig several wells. Despite having excellent equipment, we hit hard rock and were unsuccessful in finding a well. We see this as a sign of the spiritual atmosphere in the area. Yet with God all things are possible. We are seeing breakthroughs. Please keep on praying!

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