An Unforgettable Experience

It was the first visit to Vietnam for myself and my travelling companion, Pastor Greg Downing from NZ. Eighty-three pastors from all over Vietnam came together for a three-day seminar, some travelling up to 13 hours by bus. These leaders, as well as others who could not make it from the 126 nationwide church network, are the fruit of World Outreach International ministry leaders J and M, who have sacrificed much in order to help see the Word of God established in this nation. Their ministry also reaches thousands of children throughout the country.
We ministered in areas of prayer, on the Holy Spirit, discipleship and personal lifestyle. The pastors were so hungry and receptive, making it such a pleasure to teach. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully at times with many pastors being touched and healed.
Some pastors have since written saying how blessed and encouraged they were. Pastor Tran Ta caught truth from teaching on Psalms 1 and 2 in particular, that if he and his ministry are to prosper as God wants, then he needs to make sure he is rooted deep in God’s Word. So, now he guards himself from having bad attitudes and listening to negative people. Pastor M’Roi travelled from the highlands and returned home feeling very refreshed in both body and spirit. He said that while the teaching was simple, it was powerful and will have a lasting impact in his heart and life. Many pastors seem to grasp for the first time that their ministry calling was not just about them, but should also involve their wives and children.
The vibrancy of Vietnam is amazing, considering their recent history, and riding the back of a motorbike in the traffic maze is an unforgettable experience. The seminar organising was brilliant, as was the food, and the translators. We are keen to return next year.

By Pastor Mike Knott, Wellington, New Zealand who was the visiting guest speaker at a recent leadership seminar in Vietnam.

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