Ambushed and Assaulted by Witch Doctors

Inacio Afai shares Bible stories in ten Muslim villages every week. A group of seven violent witch doctors was active in his district, extorting money from every family under the pretense to clean the area from “bad people who perform bad magic”. The local traditional king supported their scheme as he received a share of the bounty. Everybody who did not comply was beaten severely, so there was great fear of this gang of witch doctors.

For two consecutive nights, around midnight, this gang invaded Inacio’s compound and threatened him. They tried to extort money from him, saying, “You are working with the white man! You have money!” Inacio took his wife and children to relatives far away for safety.

Then the local king called him. “I’m really angry with you as you resist and hinder my witch doctors from operating fully in your village! But let’s meet and sort it out!”

This meeting proved to be a trap. The witch doctors took Inacio captive in a hut in the middle of our town, cut him with razor blades, and beat him with machetes. Inacio said, “You don’t know what you are doing! One day judgement day will come! Will you be ready?” But they just mocked him.

Many people around the world started to intercede on Inacio’s behalf.

The police came to Inacio’s rescue, but not until the next morning. The worst witch doctor was arrested, and after a two-day trial, the judge sentenced the culprit to thirteen months imprisonment or a huge fine. The population, which had suffered greatly under the witch doctors, rejoiced! Because here in our town, a witch doctor had never been brought to trial for his crimes.

This witch doctor, who had also threatened the witnesses during his trial (“Tomorrow you will die!”), died only a few months after the trial. One of his helpers, who beat the drums during the witchcraft ceremonies, subsequently has had his fingers crippled from a disease. He can never beat the drums again. The local population interpreted this as a sign of God’s judgment and a demonstration of his help on behalf of his people.

Since all of this happened, Inacio and his team have seen major breakthroughs with the Gospel in these villages.

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