Alive And Moving

We serve a living and powerful God who does many great wonders.

One poor woman was set free from her large financial debt after the Holy Spirit prompted a rich couple to pay off her debts.

An older gentleman sold all his properties and was about to sell his car so he could pay for his wife’s medical treatments for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease when he heard about Jesus’ power to save and heal. He accepted prayer, and miraculously his wife was completely healed of ALS!

One elderly woman prayed for her deaf friend. Instantly the neighbour’s hearing was restored. Now other deaf people are joining the group and asking for prayer.

A man with a handicap began to ask God for help and to provide for all his needs, particularly his ramshackle house. In return, God opened the door for the government to restore his house, and they also gave him a new wheelchair!

A 15-year-old was ill with leukaemia. After hearing the Gospel, she received healing and is now able to go back to school and her normal life.
We serve a God who is alive and moving amongst us!


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