Africa, Africa, Africa

THIS FIRST QUARTER of 2015 has been filled with Africa. In January, through clear guidance, I made an exploratory trip to South Sudan. The Lord connected us with a group of 400 pastors working in a remote province bordering Sudan’s Darfur region. A great door of opportunity has opened. In February, I visited Burkina Faso where we concluded our seminars to more than a hundred pastors who work with WOI missionaries. One pastor said, ‘In Burkina we have lots of gold mines, but this seminar has been a real gold mine’. In March, I spoke at a seminar in Ethiopia for a new contact we have there who works with church planters among the difficult, largely unreached groups on Ethiopia’s southern and western borders. Many pastors commented on how they attend many seminars, but this one was different because it was relevant, applicable and practical.

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