Advancing the kingdom of God

Advancing the Kingdom of God – Together

OUR JOURNEY on the mission field is just beginning. We were both 26 years old when we made the move from Sydney to Bangkok and we have been living and serving God in Thailand for just over a year now. Our first year on the mission field has been full of adventures, excitement and challenges but most of all it has been a journey closer to God.

Before we moved to Thailand we undertook cross-cultural training. This preparation has proved to be invaluable in our first year on the field. We highly recommend doing training such as the WOI Nations course before undertaking cross-cultural ministry.

After saying farewell to family and friends, we were suddenly faced with the raw reality of feeling isolated in a new world. While family were only a phone call away, we had left everything familiar and were now in a foreign country where we did not speak the language, understand the culture or even know how to order food! It was this isolation, however, that lead us to the greatest joy of our journey so far: building genuine friendships with local Thai people.
We moved to Bangkok and immediately started attending and serving in Muangthong church. Our new church family welcomed us so warmly and made us feel safe and supported in our new environment. It has been our Thai friends who have been our greatest teachers of language and culture. We currently serve in Muangthong church by organising a Friday night young adults programme. The Friday night programme has helped the young people to connect and commit to church life where they can mature in their faith.

We feel blessed and honoured to be serving God in Thailand. We look forward to deepening our relationships with the local Thai people and together advancing the kingdom of God. From our experience, we would say to anyone thinking of getting more involved in missions: Do it! Don’t hold back, pursue your God-given dream and be a part of seeing God’s kingdom advance all over the earth.

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