Shella and the English class students

Active staff

EVERY SUNDAY after our early morning service, vibrant wife and mother Shella, who is in charge of the staff kitchen at the Tawangmangu Bible College, teaches English to a group of children from the community. This allows her to have contact with both the children and the parents, providing openings for the Gospel. Anto, assistant principal of TBC, husband to Wetty (a nurse) and father of two small daughters, is pioneering a church near the Tawangmangu market, reaching out to the lost. Ruth, Dean of Women at the college, also pastors a church in Solo. She often testifies about the new converts and how God is blessing the congregation. Despite the law of the country that stipulates that one must not proselyte, there are ways and means we can be light and salt and Indonesians can be won into the kingdom of God. Our staff members are proving that!

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