ACE School

In 2007, missionaries Janvier and Claudine Yokoinele founded School La Semence in Abidjan, Ivory Coast with just eighteen children (four of which were their own). The school now has 110 children and is officially recognized by the Ivorian state. The children are supervised and directed by 25 qualified, competent, experienced, and dedicated staff. Students have a 100% success rate with the National Examinations, which enables them to secure a place at secondary school and college.

This Christian school serves to:

  • Impact the new generation for Christ. Provide children with the opportunity to know the Lord.
  • Raise up leaders with strong character and integrity, who have a social conscience and diligent work ethic. This benefits the community and the nation.
  • Encourage an appreciation and honouring of the gifts and talents of others, which strengthens the fibre of families and communities.
  • Multiply schools by training teachers and principals through encouragement and loving discipline rather than fear and punishment.
  • Support pupils with special needs and those who have missed early schooling.
  • Hold summer camps.
  • Transform family life by teaching respect and the value of family, neighbours, and the environment, as well as basic skills such as hygiene, budgeting, and parenting.

Our Twelve Foundational Education Principles:

  1. We know that each child is unique.
  2. We expect every child to succeed, regardless of social background, intellectual and physical abilities, and family.
  3. We provide quality education adapted to the rhythm of the child.
  4. We teach in small groups (with a maximum fifteen students). We guarantee a high achievement level.
  5. We learn about community life based on Christian values.
  6. We organize transport so that many children can attend.
  7. We provide lunch, ensuring a well-balanced diet.
  8. We offer pleasant, clean premises and a welcoming environment.
  9. We have long-term qualified staff, who listen to each pupil.
  10. Our management supports maximum success in the final exam.
  11. We hold weekly meetings, during which teachers share progress and problem solve. If a student is struggling, we prepare a report for senior management, and if necessary, call parents in for a meeting to explore ways to make their child successful.
  12. We hold weekly get-togethers for non-teaching staff.

The Future:

To educate children is not only to inculcate subjects at the intellectual level; it is to allow children to flourish emotionally, spiritually, and physically with the foundation of the Word of God, which is a lamp to their feet and a light on their path.

Our school started with faith, and even though parents pay school fees, we cannot function without outside support. Thank you for that support, for your donations and your prayers. We are currently expanding the school so that we can serve a hundred more students. Please help us finish the new building before the rainy season in June.

How can you help?

Make a donation to ACE School.

Your donation will help ACE School educate and impact more children.

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