Denak shows Jan-Willem where the accident damaged her leg.

Not accepting the inevitable

WHEN SCHOOL RECOMMENCED after holidays, 11-year-old Denak did not return from her jungle village.

We received word that there had been an accident and that she was still recovering. A month later we visited Denak and learned that she had broken her leg and could not walk.

In such isolated villages there is no access to medical help and poor families like Denak’s would not be able to afford treatment even if it was available. In Denak’s case, they had planned to wait for her leg to heal even if the bones were not aligned, which would result in a lifelong limp. With her parents’ permission, we took Denak to hospital, where we learned that in order to get the operation she needs, she will need to cross the border to East Malaysia. We are committed to helping this beautiful young girl. Please pray with us that the Lord will help us get her a passport and that He will release finances to meet her needs. God has a great plan for this precious girl!

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