A New and Exciting Season at Maziotela

The Maziotela Farm has provided a wonderful base for Maziotela Ministries for the past 16 years. Colin and Jenny Ayling arrived with their family in the year 2000, with a vision for a holistic ministry to reach the Makua village people, then one of Africa’s largest unreached people groups. In the local language, ‘Maziotela’ means ‘white water’, and this farm has been like an oasis in a desert, where the thirsty, both physically and spiritually, have come to find Living Water.
The farm has provided many jobs for local men in an area where it’s difficult to grow a 12-month food supply for your family to survive. A large goat herd, a cashew and hardwood nursery and many other practical projects have given local men new work skills and the opportunity to provide for their families, as well as the opportunity to receive spiritual ministry. For three years a cashew processing factory provided more than 100 jobs for men and women, when few other local industries existed to provide employment. Maziotela Farm has also been an amazing base for Maziotela’s Mercy Ministry, education and leadership training schools.
But now is a new and exciting season! Maziotela Farm will now be owned and run by a Christian family from Zimbabwe, and Maziotela Ministries will be led by our Mozambican teams, with ongoing mentoring by Colin and Jenny. The cashew factory has also been recently reopened by another ex-pat.Two new training schools are being built and will be run in local villages, led by Jeremias and Pedro, two of Maziotela’s first disciples, and the preschool ministry will be overseen by Joao and Cassimo from the next generation of believers!

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