A missionary life

Thirteen years ago, New Zealand couple Colin and Jenny Ayling, packed up and left for Mozambique with their four small children in obedience to God’s call on their lives. The children have all grown up and left home now, but Colin and Jenny are still there… with their new family of African brothers and sisters in Christ. The fruit of their labor.

Although the frustrations, challenges and disappointments faced during their time at Maziotela Ministries have been extremely difficult, God has guided them through. Right now as this post goes out, the Aylings are praying raging forest fires surrounding the property will not consume the cashew farm again, as they have before.

Jenny says, “We live in a land of poverty and under-development and Romans 12:2 shows us that the Gospel transforms believers and societies. However, just as when we get malaria we don’t just decide to give up and go home, so too, even as we have faced theft and corruption, we still have a passion to see God’s Kingdom demonstrated in Community Development here in Mozambique. We must re-call God’s faithfulness and the miraculous ways God has provided. It is our prayer that together we’ll be able to say ‘[We] have brought You glory on earth, by completing the work You gave me/us to do,’ John 17:4.”

Maziotela’s Mission statement is: “A HOLISTIC presentation of the WHOLE Gospel”. It focuses on Community Development, involving farm development, projects and job creation within a cashew processing factory. Jenny’s feeding programme sees her working with many undernourished babies and their mothers as well as helping with their accommodation. In addition, Colin and Jenny are working in the area east of Monapo to Nacala and further north with local pastors in church planting and leadership development.

This story is a snapshot of life in Mozambique as told by Jenny. This is faith in action!

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