A Mission Statement…

After a lot of deliberation and consultation, the World Outreach (WO) mission statement has been revised to encapsulate and articulate exactly why WO exists.

Here are some explanatory notes for the new mission statement.

‘…evangelise and disciple…’

World Outreach exists to bring the Good News of Jesus (the Gospel) to those who have never heard. Importantly, WO’s end goal is not just to evangelise, but to make disciples. People become disciples (followers of Jesus) through evangelism, but they grow and mature in their faith through the process of discipleship.

‘…unreached people groups…’

The term ‘unreached people group’ (UPG) is used in missions circles to describe an ethno-linguistic people group ‘among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelise this people group without outside assistance’.  2

‘…equipping them to evangelise and disciple their own…peoples.’

In the definition of UPG above, a people group is designated as ‘unreached’ because they cannot evangelise or disciple their own people ‘without outside assistance’. To WO, success is not measured by just presenting the Gospel to an unreached people group, but by discipling Christians within a people group to be able to reach (through evangelism) and disciple (through disciple-making) their own people without external help. In short, WO’s objective is to equip, enable, and empower the people they have reached and discipled to do the same for their own people. 

‘…their own and other peoples.’

WO’s goal would be that the people group it has reached would be sufficiently enabled (through teaching and training) to not only evangelise and disciple their own people, but fulfil the Great Commission by going to another UPG to evangelise and disciple them. In this way, WO is mobilising the greatest mission force the world has ever known.

1 The former WO mission statement used the term ‘least-reached people group’ (LRP), but we have decided on UPG because it is more self-explanatory, it is used interchangeably with UPG, and WO is increasingly focussed on those who have never heard the Gospel.

2 https://joshuaproject.net/help/definitions#unreached

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