A Life Transformed

ESPERANCA WAS A healthy nineteen year old, who joyfully walked fifteen kilometres each day to school. Then suddenly she became paralysed and couldn’t speak. Doctors said she would never walk again, but Esperanca refused to give up and determinedly started walking again using two sticks. But then she had another attack.

Her dreams were shattered when she couldn’t continue school, so her parents brought her to Maziotela Ministries. For more than two years, many faithful prayer partners have been praying for Esperanca. Through this time Esperanca has really grown in her faith and learnt to hear clearly from God. She always tries to serve others, despite her own weakness.

Today Esperanca is healed and is an amazing young lady who truly shines, knowing that her very life is a miracle. Many more lives are now being touched as Esperanca devotedly serves with us: Laurinda was bitten by a snake and left to die, but Esperanca cared for her and is now discipling her. Louisa was dying of AIDS and her family wouldn’t even wash her wounds, but Esperanca walked eleven hours to find water to bathe her. Esperanca’s life is such a testimony, speaking loudly of God’s power to save others as He has saved her!

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