Vijaya Chowdhuri

40 Years of faithful service ~ Vijaya Chowdhuri

I (VIJAYA) WAS BORN into a Christian family in Mumbai. My father worked at the railway and my mother stayed at home. I studied in Pune in an Anglican girls’ hostel; on completion of my SSC, I moved to Mumbai to join the nurses training in JJ Hospital, where I completed my Diploma in Nursing. There I met Biswanath Chowdhuri, who was admitted to hospital because of a work-related accident. We married in 1972 and enrolled in a 2-year missionary training course at WEC MTC in Tasmania.

In 1974, we arrived in Bangladesh. (Our three children were born in Bangladesh and completed their education in India, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand.) It was a fragile time for the country. Bangladesh had just gained their independence. The economic condition of the country was terrible, a new nation left in ruins after a civil war.

Biswanath’s initial desire was to develop a cassette ministry and radio programme; however, this was unrealised due to unforeseeable situations. He started to feel discouraged, pondering if he had made a mistake in moving to Bangladesh. Frustration crept in. Both of us prayed fervently! God in His faithfulness directed us to train the nationals to take the Gospel to their own people.

In 1979, CDC was established, with the first batch graduating eight students. Today CDC has trained 812 students. A few graduates are abroad working amongst the Bengali people, while a majority of the graduates are involved in church growth in Bangladesh.
Biswanath went to rest with our Lord in 2010. I was given the responsibility to continue the ministry.

Since I took over the oversight of CDC, I have started a course for new believers. In addition, the new programme Learning Circle educates about health, economy, environment and general knowledge. In 2013 all CDC staff members enrolled to pursue a Bachelor of Theology, which is awarded by the College of Christian Theology.

I am always grateful for WOI family, for standing with us in prayer and financial partnership. This has made it possible for the advancement of the Gospel in the very needy country of Bangladesh. I would like to share Isaiah 46:11: “Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it”(KJV).

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