22 Evangelists And 2 Pigeons For The Props

Last year, with funding from WOI small projects, Tina was able to finish the work on the first biblical literacy manual, and this year we started in a rural area where few people are able to read the Bible. We completed the discipleship training for the indigenous leaders who will direct this work and 22 outreach schools/cell-churches were launched.
Towards the end of last year, we also received crutches and wheelchairs for the physically handicapped. While we were training, an old man who had lost a leg during the civil war walked more than six kilometres on his new crutches, simply to thank us for helping him and brought, as an offering, two pigeons – a token of gratitude for the love of Christ extended. Now that he is mobile again, he walks around testifying about how the people of Christ came especially to give him new “legs” again.
I am reminded of Jesus’ words “The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk”.

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