2014 Zawadi Jewelry catalogue out now

With gorgeous necklaces and earrings made from Kenyan cow bone beads, amber/resin beads and recycled glass beads from Ghana (as well as imported clasps and other beads), the new catalogue is a must see!

Angela’s products make fantastic gifts for friends and family and buying Zawadi jewellery means you are buying direct from the craftspeople. Most of the beads sourced are all handcrafted, benefiting disadvantaged people and helping Angela to continue ministering and working among Kenyan women.

As Angela employs more women, she needs to expand her sales market. If you are interested in her product and would like to sell it (either through the Zawadi party plan or otherwise), or know of people who may be interested in buying her stock, please feel free to pass on the catalogue. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the catalogue.

The Zawadi jewellery project empowers disadvantaged Kenyan women. Through learning the skill of jewellery making, women are empowered with new skills with which they can begin to earn an income. Alongside the jewellery making, the women are taught the word of God and discipled. Recently Zawadi has been involved in muslim evangelism. As a part of an adult literacy project, they have been teaching Borana adults the art of making jewellery. The Borana tribe in Kenya are a Least Reached People group with very few practising Christians.

Fair trade, hand crafted and a gift that gives hope to another.

For more information or to see what else you can purchase from Zawadi check out www.facebook.com/zawadi.com.au or email Angela at angela@zawadi.com.au

The Ziwadi jewellery project is run by Angela Stephens. 

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