12 Keys for church growth

Part II

In a previous issue of Nations, I proposed the first 6 of 12 keys I have discovered from my own observation, experience and research on how to grow prevailing churches.

EQUIP THE PEOPLE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY Equip the church through hands-on training to live their Christian lives and to serve in an area of gifting. Embrace the teaching of Ephesians 4:11–16, that one of our primary roles is to equip people to serve the Lord in and through His body. Establish courses that will accomplish this in systematic and practical ways.

INTENTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF LEADERS / DEVELOP AN INFRASTRUCTURE TO SUSTAIN GROWTH Develop pathways for the development of leaders and develop a structure that can facilitate future and accelerated growth. Initiate courses for emerging leaders. Train existing leaders. Hold regular leadership meetings for ministry, development and communication.

SPECIFIC PROGRAMMES FOR DIFFERENT DEMOGRAPHICS IN THE CHURCH AND COMMUNITY Provide specific ministries for the multifaceted groups within the church and the surrounding community. Prioritise youth and kids. Identify the social and cultural needs in your community; then seek to meet them. Honour the aged. Wherever possible, engage in local schools.

DEVELOP FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND EXERCISE RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP Maximise the giving potential of the church; build the church’s financial base and administer the church’s finances with accountability and transparency. As senior leader, model a lifestyle of generosity and sacrifice. Foster a capacity to raise funds. Teach and preach annually on stewardship. Provide options for how people can give. Appoint a trustworthy church board, treasurer and accountability systems. Invest surplus funds wisely for the future.

COMPETENT ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT Develop and maintain competent personnel and systems to administer and manage the operational side of the church (or ministry). Appoint a skilled and competent administrator as well as a skilled personal assistant (secretary). Adopt best-practice approaches to HR and accounting. Promote the church and its central message.

ADEQUATE FACILITIES FOR GROWTH Provide the present and future congregation with the facilities necessary to deliver the various ministries and services. Ensure the facilities have: visibility, accessibility, suitable amenities, adequate parking and room to grow. It’s also necessary to have an effective PA, data projectors, screens and IT. Designate areas for children’s ministry and an office block. Maintain websites and social media sites.

Keep building, keep believing and keep depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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