Graduates of the Nations course in South Africa

Nations Course Africa Testimonies

WE’VE JUST RETURNED from the Nations course in South Africa. What a privilege to have this time with others from WOI. After a year in Mozambique, it was very helpful to receive input and opportunity for discussion on many relevant topics.

The leaders were very honest about the realities of missionary life, sharing their mistakes as well as successes; each time encouraging us that maybe we can avoid the same mistakes and instead make our own new ones!

Our group of 16 came from nine ethnic groups and are working in, or heading to seven nations in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe to work among the Least Reached People groups of the world. As some of these countries are hostile to the Gospel, missionaries work covertly and cannot appear in photos. The two ladies facing away in this photo wanted to tell you that they’re smiling too!

By Andrew and Chris Low

THESE PAST MONTHS have been an exciting time for the Nations team in South Africa. Twelve students attended the six-week cross-cultural course and we now know why Jesus had twelve disciples. This number has worked amazingly well. The stories and testimonies of the students and the lecturers were an encouragement to all and the interactions lively and enlightening. Here are a few testimonies from some of the students:

Lynette Naidoo (SA) – Real people, real stories from the mission field. Practical and inspiring, thank you!

Harriet Ngugi (Kenya) – This is the one course I have participated in, that everything I am learning can be applied now in my ministry and there’s still a lot left to apply in future – so rich!

Sam Ngugi (Kenya) – The impact from Nations means I reorganise my life personally and our organisation for more effectiveness and growth in order to achieve our God-given vision.

Chris Low (Britain) – Such a timely, refreshing, vital opportunity for processing together the very real challenges we all face – thank you!
Andrew Low (Canada) – Nations has given me a greater understanding of how to plant biblical seeds without also planting my own cultural weeds around them.

Esther van Niekerk (SA) – Culture can be like a prison and Jesus came to set the captives free!

By Paul and Sue Fosse

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