Destined To Be A Priest, Now Serving The King of Kings

It is the religious custom for the youngest son of a Brahmin priest to carry on his father’s profession. That was Rahul’s destiny.

Rahul lives in Nagaland, India, which is populated by various non-believing ethnic groups. It’s an impoverished region where many children drop out of school and develop harmful habits, such as gambling, swearing, and fighting.

Rahul’s future looked bleak until he started attending Asha Ghar Children Club. Asha Ghar’s goal is “To reach, teach and equip the young for abundant life.” They conduct workshops such as guitar lessons, computer training, literacy classes, as well as interactive games for social and skills development. Then there is worship, Bible study and prayer. Children do not only learn life skills, but also encounter their Heavenly Father.

That was Rahul’s experience when he stepped through Asha Ghar’s doors. He heard the Gospel and committed his life to Jesus. He also learned to play the guitar because he loved to worship.

Rahul’s new faith redirected his life for the better. While his peers were dropping out of school, he stayed and did well, even becoming School Captain. He found favor with his family who didn’t hinder him from his faith. In fact, if someone was sick, he was asked to pray. A sick aunt, a cousin in pain, or a toddler who couldn’t eat for days — when Rahul prayed, healing took place!

Today, Rahul is 17 and hopes to be an army engineer. He’s tutoring the younger kids at Asha Ghar, while waiting for his exam’s results, and he is still worshipping God with his guitar.

Rahul was once destined to be a Brahmin priest. Now, he is a priest for the King of Kings. The future looks bright for Rahul.

Your support can help miracles happen! 

Asha Ghar faithfully creates opportunity for children like Rahul to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and experience a transformed life found in Him. But there is need to keep the programs sustainable. For example, Asha Ghar computers need replacing in order to keep the computer workshop going.

It only takes USD200 per month to run Asha Ghar’s outreach programs. Would you like to help us change the destiny of children like Rahul for eternity?

Please visit: www.wokids.org

Thank you and may the Lord bless you!