Malnourished kids in Mozambique

Suggested Price: USD $25

Malnourishment among the children of Mozambique is all too common. O Bom Samaritano is an organisation located in the north of Mozambique, working to improve the lives of the local people using natural medicine.

They help undernourished children in Memba and Mossuril by regularly supplying the relatives with milk for the children. The emphasis is on children who have already lost their mother and thus have no provision.

In cases where health reasons are responsible for the malnutrition of a child, the team provide free treatment and mother-and-child counselling.

Funds raised will enable us to see more children cared for. With only $25 you can help support a child for six months in Mozambique. Our target is to help at least 100 children. The money is used to buy milk and porridge since most of the children are from 0 to 5 years.