Leadership Seminar Appeal




At its core, World Outreach International’s (WOI) vision is to impact Least Reached People groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the primary ways we can do this is by equipping and mobilising the church in the developing world, especially in nations that share an affinity of culture or language with a Least Reached People group.

By mobilising the church in the developing world, we are potentially raising up the biggest mission force the world has ever known! Therefore by growing leaders, we are investing in mobilisers who in turn can raise up untold numbers of workers for the harvest fields.

A quick snapshot of the WOI leadership development seminars:

  • We conduct seminars for two different demographics, ie existing pastors, and emerging leaders aged 18-35yrs.
  • We partner with key leaders and/or missionaries.
  • We consult with key local leaders to tailor the topics for the particular context.
  • We make a commitment to a region for 3-5 years.
  • We run annual three-day seminars in each location and provide ongoing mentoring.

Ibrahim from Jordan best summarizes the type of testimonies we hear again and again: He says, “We have so many seminars in our country. Some big names and big ministries come. We receive lots of points. But when we leave, nothing changes. What they say is good, but doesn’t relate to where we’re at. World Outreach teaching and training is different. It is relevant, applicable and full of real life examples that we can relate to. It relates to the daily challenges of the churches here in Jordan. These are seminars like no other.”

WOI seminars are making a difference! In the next 12 months we have the opportunity to grow another 1,500 leaders in 15 nations. Your partnership can help make this happen! On an average it costs $50 to host one leader at a three-day seminar.