Testimonies from the field | Testimonies of Hope

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received these beautiful encouragements from our faithful frontline workers in South-East Asia. We pray they may encourage you too! If you would like to partner with us, please see below for how to give to our projects for Displaced People Groups.

“Despite the local COVID-19 cases, we are planning on doing a short internship with 2 men and a young woman for two and a half months.

We had Mrs S in from Blue Lake to stay last week. We shared about the Holy Spirit and the early beginnings of the church from Acts. We prayed with her for Holy Spirit baptism. We are going with her this week to share with her older sister, where Mrs S will share the story of the prodigal son and ask her to come into the Father’s arms.

This is the first time Mrs S has been willing to share, and the urgency comes from her (and the Holy Spirit), so we are praying for her sister to understand the story and repent.


We recently fed 200 families in a northern village, which is a drop in the bucket in this COVID-19 ravaged community, but it was something.


Recently our new team leader and another young man went out east to follow-up on a number of families. One lady was dragging herself around on her bottom, having been unable to walk for a long time.

They prayed and shared and when they went back the following week they found her walking and working. The family acknowledged that Jesus had healed her and are now studying about Him. We are so thankful and are praying for this family to accept Jesus, repent and be ‘dunked’ and be able to share their testimony with others.”


Praise the Lord for the amazing work happening all over the world!

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?

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