Reaching Yazidi Refugees in Canada

The Yazidis are a Kurdish religious minority (approximately 1.5 million people) indigenous to northern Syria and Iraq. Yazidi is a religion distinct from Islam. Every Yazidi is a Kurd, but not every Kurd is Yazidi. They speak Kurdish as well as Arabic. They are regarded as a least-reached people group and have recently come into the global spotlight due to their persecution by ISIS. Tens of thousands have sought refuge in regions including Armenia, Germany, and North America.

A year ago, Canada started receiving the Yazidi refugees. More than 200 people are in Manitoba right now. Our ministry started an outreach among them. Last December, we held an evangelistic Christmas concert, and many of them came to listen. Most of them were hearing the Gospel for the very first time. We heard stories about how God is showing himself to them through dreams. We held a special prayer meeting to pray about the attack on their city Afrin (in Syria), where most of them still have family living. As a result of these outreaches, a few of them started giving their lives to Jesus, and last month I baptised two of them. We felt that God sent us here to reach the Yazidi refugees at such a time as this.                      

There are no records of the number of believers among this people group because of the fear of ongoing persecution. Some people have been kicked out of their families because they became Christians. Please pray for the salvation of the Yazidis and for them to be healed from their emotional wounds stemming from the 2014 genocide in Iraq. Pray that the Lord would intervene to see the release of those who remain kidnapped and for the comfort of the families who have lost their loved ones. Also pray for the healing of their physical and emotional needs.


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