Learning From Moses

Nine months ago, the Koti leaders (in Mozambique) identified two areas needing a breakthrough. First, our three teams discipling the Mwani people far to the north were making some disciples but the work was slow, with significant opposition. Second, the spread of the Gospel through the Koti islands was still slow. We had a growing presence on some islands near the mainland, but on the outer islands the work was very weak. We agreed that we needed a new thrust and identified one island called Maziwani to target.

Maziwani has the largest population (nearly 10,000) and is the most intensely Muslim. Everyone prays in the mosques because of the social pressure. Our Koti men spoke nervously about the likelihood of violent persecution for anyone who broke ranks to follow Jesus.

We determined to go up the mountain in focused worship and prayer as Moses did, for both the Mwani and for Maziwani. Some Koti communities gather to pray passionately at 4:30 every morning, some at 3:30! With all their hearts, they cry out to the Lord for the cloud of darkness that blinds the people to be stripped away!

Eight months later, the Mwani teams are reporting a huge change. They are seeing more miracles, healings and much greater openness. They say that the hostility has gone and many people are responding to the Gospel. They come at night, like Nicodemus, because they are still nervous about what others will say. But they come! The team had visited an imam’s home and prayed for his wife who was sick. She was completely healed, and the imam was so amazed. Not ready to repent yet but definitely listening.

We visited Maziwani recently and found astonishing hunger for the Word of God, people begging our team to send someone to live there and teach them the way of Jesus. Four top community leaders personally decided to turn from sin and follow Christ and were baptised that very day, one repenting of having been a witch doctor! And Amaral and Abiba, an outstanding young Koti couple, are moving there in the next week or so to spearhead the work.

Why the huge change in both the Mwani work and on Maziwani? When Moses lifts up his hands, Joshua’s men drive back the enemy! Every ministry needs to birthed and bathed in fervent prayer and worship. In focused prayer and worship, we take hold of the keys of the Kingdom; we close doors to the works of darkness and open doors for the Gospel.

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