Will you provide the hope of education for children, like Irene?

Good News World Mission in Burkina Faso brings hope to children through education. Each of our students has their own story to share.


One of them is Irene.

Irene aspires to be a teacher. Learning brings her joy, and she hopes to pass that joy on to others one day.

Irene started primary school at La Bonne Nouvelle in the capital Ouagadougou, where education is provided to marginalised children at minimum fees. Even so, Irene’s mother couldn’t pay the tuition on time the first year. Her mom explained to us that Irene doesn’t like to change school but she was ashamed for not paying the tuition fees on time.

The school took their situation into account and decided to subsidise Irene’s second year. Her mother was very grateful.

At the start of her third school year, Irene’s mother suddenly died of illness.

The school principal reached out and visited Irene, to find the family in dire circumstances. Irene and her siblings were staying with a neighbor, and their father had not been in touch since their mother fell sick. Irene’s older sister had to stop schooling to be able to provide for her younger siblings.

Thankfully, with continued support, Irene is still studying and finding joy in learning.

Life’s challenges remain, but as the team at La Bonne Nouvelle put their trust in God in their ministry, every day brings new hope for children like Irene.

All it takes is USD120 to sponsor a child in Burkina Faso for a year. That includes tuition, a uniform and school supplies.


Will you provide the hope of education for children, like Irene?