Alpha Mission Teams – World Outreach Expectations

Alpha Mission Teams ...the first with the Good News

We will be behind your team all the way

World Outreach International will:

  • Endorse your support-raising effort once you have completed the application process and been approved by the Applications Committee.
  • Provide you with an experienced missionary to assist you and serve as your mentor while you raise support and prepare to go.
  • Provide six weeks of intensive missionary training at the start of the two years.
  • Open up the way for you by finding ways to get visas in the country of service, accommodation, etc.
  • Accountability by being in regular contact through a designated WOI leader. This leader will coach you and the team along the path of learning the language and culture, sharing the gospel, and if the Lord permits, planting the first church!
  • Guide you through a reading and study programme.
  • Provide additional training to the team as necessary.

You will come out of the two years an experienced missionary, well prepared for lifelong ministry in the place where God is calling you. You will never be the same again!

AlphaWomen_1490What we expect from you

  • To commit for the entire two-year faith journey.
  • To apply to be accepted by World Outreach International early on. This must be started ideally more than 12 months (but at the very least 6 months) before the team leaves for the field. See the steps at the very end of this page.
  • To be willing to be guided in your preparation by a WOI mentor. They will be there for you – they are godly people who have your best interests at heart.
  • To raise your own support (your WOI mentor will help show you how).
  • To form an integral part of a team that is passionate, healthy, collegial, and committed to a meaningful mission. That as others on the team cover your back, you will cover theirs.

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