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Funds to be raised

Your first faith challenge will be proactively to go out looking for Ministry Partners who will support you financially. Trust God for the results.

Droves of World Outreach International personnel have been faithfully supported by Ministry Partners for more than 80 years. You will also be. Ministry Partners are people who are involved in your ministry from a distance – by committing to pray for you and/or committing to send money towards your support on a regular basis. In this way they are full partners with you. You are responsible to report back to them all that you and the Lord are doing.

The funds you raise from your Ministry Partners will cover:

  • Your flights to and from your home country.
  • Other flights and travel you may need to do over the two years (depends upon which team you join).
  • Course fees and accommodation for the Nations Course at the start of the two years (see Nations Course Information).
  • You will need to raise 100% of your monthly financial needs for the two years, with a commitment from your Ministry Partners to send their pledged donations.
  • The 10% levy to World Outreach International on all funds raised. This is used to help cover our costs of supporting the team.

You must trust God that the above will be completed at least three months before the team leaves for the field. At that time, you will be required to have bought your flights, and have deposited the money for your return trip and the Nations Course costs with WOI.

Counting the Cost

If you are interested in joining a team, count the cost with prayer and faith. Remember, the Lord is able and willing to provide for you.  Once you have gone through the 3-6 month application process, and have been approved by World Outreach International, you will receive an endorsement letter you can show to prospective Ministry Partners.  We have found that it takes 6-12 months of intentional effort to raise the required support. So start early!

You could also consider reading “Funding Your Ministry: An In-depth Guide for Successfully Raising Personal Support” by Scott Morton, or “Funding the Family Business” by Myles Wilson. Reading one or both books will be a very good investment of your time.

Below is a broad indication of the funds you must raise for a single person.  A couple will be almost double, and families can exclude obvious non-applicable costs for children.  Families should consider schooling options for children, and WOI can assist in that matter.

The amounts below are an indication only; more items could be added later on.  All estimates are given in US dollars.

Once-off expenses:

  • Relocation: return flights from your country to South East Asia (e.g. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore) $1,000- $2,000
  • Multiple local flights within SE Asia, visas, other costs:  $3,000
  • Nations Course + Accommodation during course: $1,000

Monthly expenses:

Between $800 and $1500.  This depends very much on the location.

If this seems staggering to you, remember that we serve a big God who is able to provide for us as he sends us.

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