Thailand – Get Into Missions July 2017

Ready to start your missions journey? This trip is especially for young adults who want to learn about missions in action. You’ll need energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, a passion to serve.

From our base in Bangkok, we will work with some extraordinary young missionaries to explore missions in both city and rural communities.
There’s lots to do:
• Working with children and families – kids clubs, teaching English in schools and community centers, music lessons, craft activities, Sunday school
• Youth and young adults – visit to a Youth Remand Center, teaching English in universities, coffee shop English classes
• Churches – share testimonies, pray for people, get involved in local outreach

Your attitude of ‘yes!’ is the one that is most needed for this team. We go to serve, not to be served. You need to be flexible, open to change, ready to divert from the program… ready for anything.
This trip is open to young adults 18+and is especially suited to anyone who wants to learn more about missions in action.
Efforts will be made to arrange for the most fruitful exposure possible. These efforts usually involve the local missionaries going out of their way to arrange for activities, events and ministry opportunities for the team. So be prepared:
1. For last minute changes in programs.
2. To minister to anyone whenever opportunity arises. This could include making simple conversation, praying for a general blessing, praying for specific needs (e.g. healing), sharing a testimony, playing a simple game, etc.
3. To function as a team to help out one another.

Teaching - Short term

The trip will be co-ordinated through our mission partners in Bangkok and in rural areas of Thailand. We will see church expressed in many different ways – after school center, kids club, Youth Remand Center, home churches, coffee shop churches.

Sr. High, College, Adult. Individuals, Groups [max size 12], Married Couples, and Families

No formal training required.
Previous experience in English teaching would be good to have.
Participants should agree to our Statement of Faith in our Lord Jesus


Funds needed: Total : $995 – 1,150 (US)

Included in Cost: Lodging and Meals

Other Cost given is for 14 days and will be confirmed when dates are finalized. Amount includes all local ministry travel expenses, all meals and shared accommodation in a budget hotel or church. Accommodation and facilities may be basic in rural areas.

Travel fares to and from Bangkok, and visa fees (if any) are on top of the US$995 – 1150.

A non-refundable deposit of $150 will required to secure your booking.

You will be required to take out travel insurance and to provide evidence of your policy.

Does not include airfares to Thailand and internal airfares if required.

There will be some pre-trip preparation that will be needed and participants will need to familiarize themselves with the preparation activities. Such activities may include:
1. Read fully team handbook that will be provided after you have joined the team.
2. Reading material that will provide information on the places and people that the team is visiting.
3. Preparing a testimony, a short sharing.
4. Learning some songs, game activities for purpose of interaction.
5. Collecting, cleaning and packing items from donors and friends that can be a blessing to the ministry and people we are visiting.
6. Go through check lists to ensure that all administrative arrangements are made correctly.
7. Skype calls among team leader / members.
8. Undertake a strengths assessment, (or similar) and be willing to discuss with the Team Leader.
9. One day of in-country team briefing and training will also be held at the commencement of the trip.
10. Review and agree to team code of conduct.
Debriefing: In-country debriefing will be held on the final day of our trip. This will be followed up with individual conversations and support when you return home.

Applications Close 31st March 2017

It may be possible to customise a trip for your group – just ask.

Interested? Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you with further information. You can also forward this page to someone else you know who might be interested by using the share options below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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