Mary-Pat Ross






Mary-Pat is currently in her first term on the field, serving with long term WOI missionaries Paul and Sue Fosse in a small town in northern Mozambique. Previously as an Intern, Mary-Pat spent a short time in Portugal and then volunteered with Maziotela Ministries. This was to see if Mozambique was where God wanted her to be…and it is!

Mary-Pat’s focus is on learning Portuguese and the culture, while developing relationships and friendships. She is doing this by living with a Mozambican/Portuguese single woman and her extended family. This woman has a Catholic faith and so the two of them read the bible together as part of the language studies. Their time together has developed into a discipling opportunity, as the woman has begun to ask questions about what they read in the Bible. Recently, two women asked Sue Fosse and Mary-Pat for more Bible studies, as they go to bush villages to disciple. Mary-Pat also trains and encourages two preschool volunteers with a Christian-based programme.


Mary-Pat considers New Zealand her home, where she was married and has one 24-year old son. However she was raised in Oregon until she got on a yacht in Africa, and ended up in NZ. Later in life she gained qualifications as a preschool/primary teacher, which has led her to assist with establishing Christian-based preschools in Mozambique.

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