Mount Hope Training Centre



Mount Hope Training Centre was established in 1998 on 17 hectares of land in West Kalimantan, to educate and raise the standard of living of the Dayak people who are considered to be one of the poorest tribes in Indonesia. The Training Centre is expanding and now has 20 hectares of land.

The project includes a:

  • Children’s home
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary school
  • Junior high school

At present there are:

  • 170 (approximately) children residing at the centre
  • 2 kindergarten classes
  • 6 primary school classes
  • 6 junior high classes


In the remote villages, people are so poor the children often runaround naked as clothes are a luxury. Most villagers depend on the rivers to bathe, wash clothes and dishes and brush their teeth. Preventative health care is non-existent. People die from preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea. The 2.5 million Dayaks live hand to mouth as subsistence-level farmers. Children only complete basic primary school education and soon work in the fields with their parents at the age of 12. Less than 1% of the villagers have the finances for a high school education. As a result, they are poor in terms of skill and therefore poor financially.

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