The Ekballo Motorcycle Road trip

The Ekballo Motorcycle Road trip

South East Asia, Two Islands, Two Least Reached People groups

A region of opportunity

We invite you; pastors, leaders and influencers, to familiarise yourselves with two South East Asian Muslim Least Reached People groups(LRPs).

Come and see the opportunities that exist here, meet local church planters and also experience what God is doing among the Least Reached People. Your hosts are World Outreach International missionaries living in South East Asia, Rama & Sinta Jones. Their goal is to establish a disciple making movement in, and translate a Bible for, every LRP in South East Asia. This trip will be done on motorcycles. We want you to have a reality trip – this is how South East Asian people live! You will be the passenger on the motorbike with an experienced local rider.

Why focus on South East Asian Muslims?

South East Asia is our front yard. And our front yard has more than 200 Least Reached Muslim People groups in it. Muslims make up the majority of peoples in the region but historically they are the least engaged in mission work. Mostly mission work has focussed on animists, Buddhists and children.


30 August till 6 September 2017, that is 7 nights 8 days. This is the hot season. We suggest you tack on a family holiday in our area at the end of the road trip.

Benefits to you and yours

This is a familiarisation road trip. It’s not a preaching trip. It will give you first hand experience with LRPs with experienced long term church planters. You will be cast vision for the region. Ask your hard questions. See what God is doing. Send, support and pray for more workers – or come yourself.

The proposed itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive. Get settled. Swim the famous surf beach.
  • Day 2: Orientation & language training.
  • Day 3: Go to the volcanic centre of the island. Commence community contact & research.
  • Day 4: Cross island ride. Ferry to next island. Orientation for this different LRP.
  • Day 5: Training & Mountain walk. Snorkelling, surfing.
  • Day 6: Search for rural people of peace.
  • Day 7: Search for urban people of peace.
  • Day 8: Fly to the first island to continue your own holiday or go home.


Participant costs are not inclusive of international travel, travel insurance and meals. Most hotels will provide breakfast. We expect the price will be around
AUD $1200.

Some of the fine print

  • Participants must have at least six months life on their passport upon arrival in our country.
  • Participants must have travel insurance that covers motorcycle accidents.
  • You will need to either bring a motorcycle helmet or buy one on arrival (about A$60).
  • If you are planning to ride yourself you will also need an international driver’s licence.
  • As we are traveling on a motorcycle you can only bring a small backpack. These points are not negotiable.
  • National workers are being employed to escort you. Please take time to get to know your brothers on the front line.
  • We face security issues in our country. Consequently participants must agree to abide by our security guidelines.

Applications Close 1st July 2017

Interested? Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you with further information. You can also forward this page to someone else you know who might be interested, using the share options below. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ekballo is not suitable for people under 21 years of age
  • Any comment, question, or request regarding Ekballo Challenge trips